lunes, 20 de julio de 2009

Downhill Hostel

Reviewed by the Guardian 3 Feb. 2009:
'Rarely will you see another hostel with such a look of permanent surprise on its face. This lovely detached villa, parked under the cliffs, stares out wide eyed over a country railway line to the longest beach on the north coast of Ireland and the Atlantic Ocean beyond. Inside, the decor and furnishings give the unmistakeable feeling that you're a guest in someone's enviably comfortable home. The Giant's Causeway is just a short bus ride away ... but perhaps we'll curl up with a book and go tomorrow.'
I'm in love with this hostel. I just felt being in a gorgeous guesthouse, with friendly staff, excellent customer service, attention to details and very clean and tidy rooms and bathrooms.
Comfortable livingroom that you could spend hours, reading a book or simple admiring the beauty of the views.
The location : AWESOME, AMAZING, FANTASTIC, the words aren't enough to describe the place. A few metres from Benone Beach and Mussenden Temple, Downhill Palace Ruin and Black Glen Gardens are just uphill behind the hostel. Is Close to Giants causeway, Bushmills Destillery and Dunluce Castle, less than 30 minutes by car.
The accomodation: My room was lovely, the bed was very comfortable with a cute duve cover white, blu and pink and three victorian windows facing the sea.
The price is amazingly cheap: £12,50 per night!!!
Been there was great time well spent, I felt like Fredick, the bishop that built Mussenden Temple (A library with amazing sea views).
Is a quiet place, so no party people would be confortable there, FORTUNATELY!!!
I will come back again and again and again!

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