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Spanish Tortilla ~ Tortilla Española

The Tortilla Española or The Spanish Tortilla is a classical dish in Spain, almost popular as Paella but easy to make. If you are on holidays in Spain, sitting "al fresco" in a nice bar, ask the waiter for a beer and he will come back with the beer and a plate with tapas, probably will be tortilla cubes along with some olives and chorizo.
Irish people adore potatoes, they can't live without, so they would be glad to know a recipe with their precious ingredient and eggs.

The recipe:
5 medium potatoes (Cyprus or Maris piper)
4 to 6 eggs (depends on your cholesterol level)
1 onion
1/2 Lt. Vegetable oil
Peel the potatoes, chop as you are making chips, deep fry them in a pan. when they are almost ready, add the chop onion (to give flavor). Take the oil out and add the beaten eggs, 5 to 10 minutes cooking from one side and them upside down and cook 5 minutes more.
Is delicious warm or even could.

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  1. Olá, Gaby!
    Eu adoro tortilla! Foi, e é, um dos principais pratos da minha vida. Sou neta de espanhóis pais do meu pai) e minha família toda é adepta da tortilla! Meu avô era de Las Hunfrias e a minha avó era de Ciudad Real.
    Um beijo!


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